At Farmville we offer food options as desired by the guests. One may choose to sit in the comfort of the room and dine sit outside their chosen accommodation under the sky. We have a private space for your romantic evenings with a finely curated menu. On a trek, we have the option of packed food to enjoy your meal at the banks of the Puranthalaaru River.
The Flavours - The cuisine at Lentils might be described as refined ranch. Grounded in the fundamentals of classic cooking, our chef uses his background and imagination to create culinary innovations. Local ingredients are featured, so offerings change just like the seasons. Lentils offers meals with varieties of flair. Home-cooked flavors mingle with traditional offerings for a rustic, yet refined palette. You may find hand-cut meats combined with farm grown vegetables, among many options.
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Meal on the go

Step aboard our old-fashioned horse-drawn wagon and enjoy a unique adventure. Also enjoy your lunch at the banks of the Puranthalaaru River, where you’ll enjoy a private time. The finest offerings are prepared on an open fire right before your eyes—just like in the Old West. And for anything more you could require; a camping butler is there to help.
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